Hair and Make-Up tips

Hair and Make-up done well make all the difference in the world in your images.   I highly recommend for the ladies to get professional make-up and hair done.  I have a hair stylist and make-up artist that I trust to do a fabulous job!  I realize there is an extra investment in this, but I think you will find it well worth it.  Consider this, a pro knows exactly how much make-up to apply so you don’t look washed out in front of the camera and especially studio lights.   She also knows how to perfectly match your skin tone and play up your best features with the right colors, as well as conceal any imperfections that make you self-conscious.  The hair stylist will create a beautiful look and have the best product to make the style last throughout the shoot.  You will feel beautiful and confident, which will show in your images and add to the overall positive experience.

A few tips for you:

  1. If you are wanting to get your hair cut, I would recommend doing that about one week before your session.

  2. Ladies – Do any facial waxing about 2-3 days before your session so there is no redness and irritation visible.

  3. Guys – If you shave daily, please come freshly shaved.

  4. Pay attention to nails.  They will show up in photographs, so make sure they are clean and trimmed.  Ladies, nail polish is fine, but I recommend doing either a clear or light natural color or a French manicure.  Bright or trendy nail colors go in and out of style and date your look.

  5. For DYI makeup:  Use a full-coverage foundation to match skin tone.   Foundation should not have any SPF.  Avoid powder mineral foundation also.  Blush and eye colors should be matte, not shimmer or frosted.  The shimmer reflects light back into the camera and appears as glitter spots.     Apply eye and cheek makeup a little darker than you would normally wear it.  The camera tends to wash out colors.  Use translucent powder to reduce shine.  Use eye and lip liner for added definition, and don’t forget mascara.  Bring your makeup bag with you for touch-ups.

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