General Clothing Tips

We want you to wear what reflects your personal style.  However, there are certain guidelines that you can use to select the outfits that will look best in front of the camera.  Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. If you will be photographed in more than one outfit, bring clothes on hangers – ironed!  Wrinkles are not flattering.

2. Bring more outfits than you think you will wear in a session.  We will help you select the best ones that will flatter you and look great for the camera.

3. Dark, solid colors photograph better than pastels and white.   The camera tends to suck out the color, so pastels don’t really bring life to the image.  Think jewel tones like dark blue, burgundy, or jade green. Pair these with neutrals like black, brown, tan or blue jeans.  Avoid neon bright colors.  We want the focus to be on your awesome face, not the bright clothing.

4. Use caution when selecting an item with pattern.   A floral print is fine, but avoid any tight and complex patterns like pin stripes, houndstooth, and tiny polka dots.

5. Avoid t-shirts with wording or large logos or graphics.

6. When possible, try to layer your clothing for added interest.  For instance, girls can wear a cute fitted jacket over a dress or blouse, or wear a contrasting color scarf (solid or printed)  over another solid top.  Consider pairing different textures in your clothing as well, like a lace covered dress with blue jean jacket. Guys can layer a light jacket or hoodie over a contrasting color shirt, or perhaps wear a sport coat, shirt and tie.  A collared shirt underneath a pullover sweater is also a great option.

7. Remember to bring all accessories for an outfit, such as shoes, jewelry, socks if needed, hat, etc.

8. Select colors that complement your skin tone and don’t compete with it.  For instance, if you are very pale, don’t wear white.  If your skin tone has a lot of red, avoid red clothing.

9. Be mindful of any parts of your body you are self conscious about, such as larger arms or legs, and choose outfits accordingly.   For instance, f you are uncomfortable with your upper arms, avoid sleeveless or strapless tops and dresses as they will make your arms appear larger.  Bring long sleeves or short sleeve with a jacket/sweater.  We always recommend for everyone to bring at least one long sleeve top.  Tip for girls –  high heels always make your legs appear longer and leaner.

10. For families or groups, select 2 or 3 colors and neutral base for the group to wear and evenly distribute those colors throughout the group.  For instance, have everyone wear blue jeans (neutral) and then pick 3 other colors, like royal blue, plum and cream to mix throughout the group in their tops.  Wearing layers can help accomplish this, with sweaters, scarves and jewelry.  If possible, you can lay out everyone’s outfit on the floor or bed and see if they go well together and if there is an even mix of colors.  You wouldn’t want only one person to be wearing plum, for instance.  A color should appear on more than one person, or that person will not blend in with the group.

For clothing ideas for your session, check out our Pinterest boards.

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